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Apartment complex pitched for 222 Westmoreland


A developer is proposing to transform the 0.53-acre property located on the northwest corner of North Westmoreland Drive and West Jefferson Street into a two-story, 16-unit apartment building.

The subject property currently consists of three parcels fronting to N. Westmoreland, with only one of the three parcels currently having any structures, that being a single-family residence. Demolition of the exiting home will occur as part of the development plan.

The new apartment building is being pitched for 222 Westmoreland [GMap], and would be in the new K-8 school zone, in the Parramore District.

parramore 1

parramore 2

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  1. It will be small enough to fit under power lines, and float above the ground so as not to interfere with drainage.

  2. Whew, that’s a plus. The area over there is definitely changing. I used to work at Parramore and Colonial and it was rough.

  3. I agree with Jennifer. Wrong side of Colonial. Far too high crime an area – which is much more than an image problem.

  4. Why do they keep building these apartments and town homes in these shitty neighborhoods? There just gonna sit there Unrented.

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