Bungalower readers are always sending us great photos of things that are happening around town, and we have started featuring them on the site in a series called Eyes on the Street, in honor of our hero Jane Jacobs.

The photo below was sent to us by College Park resident, Allison Sandera, with the accompanying message:

“Not sure if you have seen that they’re close to plowing everything down at North Shore Drive and Lake Ivanhoe. It’s devastating.”
We wrote about these trees being removed back in June of 2015, HERE. The trees happened to occupy the future home of a massive ex-filtration system that FDOT was planning to install to deal with increased stormwater runoff, caused by the expanded interstate running adjacent to the property.
The ex-filtration system is a complex network of pipes and filters that keeps foreign objects from entering nearby Lake Ivanhoe. The Ultimate I-4 team was forced to build the system as a compromise, as they have apparently made a commitment with College Park to not add any more stormwater ponds in the district.
Trees will not be replanted in the space, as their roots could compromise the ex-filtration infrastructure that will be installed there.
Site prior to clearing in June, 2015
Site prior to clearing in June, 2015
Site cleared
Site cleared

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Oh no. I was out of town. I’ll probably cry when i see it. How long do you think it will take for a tree to grow to replace that shade? And those palm trees don’t provide shade. Btw we need our Ivanhoe exit back.

  2. Jeffery McClain toll roads are so much more important than trees. So much for that city beautiful slogan

  3. There used to be an ordinance in Vero Beach that if one tree was removed another one had to be planted somewhere.

  4. Kristen Leigh – they hire the bottom of the barrel when it comes to design…
    It’s a STATE agency after all!

  5. In the end, there are much greater concerns than a few trees in a well-to-do neighborhood in this city. Life moves on.

  6. This is not what I call progress, this is what I call bad design and lack of motivation to find a better method. In the end the city dweller suffers.

  7. They can’t plant in that specific spot, but yes, they’ll be replanting along the I-4 corridor.

  8. Can’t stop progress. FDOT is planning on remediation by planting new trees within the project area.