UPDATE: Click HERE to see a great blog post about the origins of the building, by Old Florida.

According to employees of Uniform City (Facebook | Website), they will be moving into the former Tire Kingdom building before the end of the year. The site is located at 2001 E. Colonial Drive [Gmap].

The Tire Kingdom space has been vacant for a number of years. The owner of the space has previously stated that he was not interested in selling for anything under $2.2M and preferred to find a tenant to lease the building from him. We featured the building HERE in a previous I Wish This Was column.

The demolition process has already started with the old untempered glass being removed from the front showroom, and a number of walls taken out as well.

We’ve attached the photographs of the plans that have been submitted to the City, below. The plans had not been scanned by the Permitting Department at the time of this post. From what we can see, the back part of the building will be retail, and the front will be offices.





Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Another Orlando treasure succumbs to a lame use. We are missing opportunities to make Orlando a more inspiring place to live.

  2. Hey Jenna Romanach we’ve written about it before. The current owner is willing to sell for $800,000. We’re waiting to see if anyone bites.

  3. Any idea if the Hoods Up building in the Milk District will EVER turn into something other than a storage unit for old furniture and swimmng pool noodles?

  4. Bummer. I was hoping it would be something cooler. It’s better than a vacant building with tags all over it.

  5. haha thanks Rick Cintron, that’s what we get for working on two posts at once. We’re still working on the Chevron/Kobe article. That should be going up in the next few days. Sorry for the confusion!

  6. I was wondering what was going in there… So that means the uniform city space will be available
    Jamey Harper
    Shana Zajdel