EDIT: All fundraising efforts donating dollars to the Center and Equality Florida have been redirected to the OneOrlando Fund. More on that story HERE


July 1 is more than just Canada Day, it’s also the last day we’ll be donating all proceeds from our Orlando Strong shirt collection to victim relief efforts via the GLBT Center and Equality Florida  OneOrlando Fund.

Our partners at Go Big Tees (Website) have been working day and night ever since the tragedy; printing, selling, and shipping shirts to people all over the continent. The three person team has been inundated with orders, and in order to fulfill the orders they currently have in a timely manner, they’ll be shifting our fundraising efforts, starting this weekend. After this Friday, $5 from our Orlando Strong shirts will continue to be donated to the Center and the price will increase to $25 plus shipping., rather than the current $19.95. Proceeds from the Orlando Weekly’s “Orlando United” shirts will continue to be donated, in full, to the Center.

Pickup options have been suspended for this weekend in order to give our team a much-needed break. If you are still waiting for your order, you will be contacted shortly by Go Big Tees in order to arrange a time to get your order. Otherwise, everything will be shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Go Big estimates that they’ve raised well over $7,000 in shirt sales, but will update us with the concrete number in the coming weeks, as orders continue to come in from across the country. We would like to thank everyone who ordered a shirt from us, and the amazing artists who donated their designs to the cause. Thank you to everyone for your patience, the response has been overwhelming.

Stay tuned for more updates from our awesome, hyper-local online shop.



Photo by @theascentofsam


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  1. Interesting there is no service, it’s Monday and some people work. No reason for Sunrail to not to be in service.