The City is launching a study of the Virginia Drive corridor and surrounding neighborhoods due to the rise in small business openings and residential development.

According to the City’s website, the study is meant to look at “transportation infrastructure opportunities to enhance the area for all modes of travel using our complete streets approach.”  City staff will be also seeking input from the community to develop a vision for the future of this area together with a focus on maintaining the character of the area and vitality of the businesses there. There will be three meetings scheduled with the public, none of which have been assigned dates at this time:

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Public input forum
  • Presentation of plan recommendations

The limits of the entire study area are bound by and include Princeton Street to the north, Mills Avenue to the east, Marks Street to the south and Orange Avenue to the west. The new Executive Director of the Ivanhoe Village Main Street will hopefully have enough time after being hired to liaise between the businesses and the City on this initiative.

The study is expected to take at least six months, with results being presented to the MPB in early 2017.


Brendan O'Connor

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  1. That’s why Save Ivanhoe Exits was created. Virginia Dr is soooo congested. We were told by FLDOT that the decision to close Ivanhoe exit was based on traffic studies from 1999, finalized in 2002! Before Baldwin Park & other big developments (Mills Park, etc) Princeton exit is also the exit for Fla Hospitat. I’m sure there’s many times ambulances can’t get thru because traffic is pushed to exit/enter @ Princeton. We need the east bound Ivanhoe exit ( just ask ALL of College Park). What about the North Garland area ?