We recently discovered a Winter Park Cuddling group on meetup.com.

The description is as follows:


“Hurt? Depressed? Angry? Any of these ring a bell?
Are you terminally ill?
Did you just lose someone?
Are you starved for physical, NON SEXUAL intimacy?
This is a monitored group and if you do not wish to leave it at NON-SEXUAL, and VIOLATE this precious oath. ANY sexual offenses will be reported to the police.
If AFTER you meet someone here, then when you leave here, you may do as you wish.

I am educated, graduated, certified in psychology and fascination with massage therapy, touch therapy, etc. Just nothing illegal.

………..haven’t you once told yourself “The slightest touch from a M/F would make all the difference in the world.”

Kissing? Where does that lie? I say we vote democratically.
Venting to each other, including me, is okay so long as it is not being taken OUT on the listener. LGBT friendly IF YOU WANT TO BE HELD, IF YOU WANT TO CRY, IF YOU WANT TO VENT, OR ARE RECENTLY BROKEN UP/DIVORCED/GIVEN UP ON LIFE—JOIN US

Gentlemen, you know when she says no, it means NO. Ditto for females. This IS a group meant for peaceful people.
Peaceful, but can be lonely. Successful, but still have goals to reach.
Remember that your criminal record IS PUBLIC. I have access, legally as well as the public, quickly online to view if you’re VIOLATING THE SANCTITY OF SOMEBODY WHO JUST WANTS A MEETING OF INNER PEACE AND SHARING LOVE *BUT PLATONIC ONLY WHILE IN SESSION* YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.
NO SEX OFFENDERS. I WILL FIND OUT AND CONTACT YOUR PROB/PAROLE. So that leaves us only with 4 other leaders and organizers to message me. Remember that no VIOLENCE including verbal violence will be tolerated. Guys- proper manners to be shown to the ladies. Sorry, but some guys STILL don’t know some basic chivalry. Don’t know what it is? You will learn. *WE ARE ONE CITY, ONE HEART, ONE LOVE AND WE FIND THIS THROUGH PHYSICAL HEALING ON THE PLATONIC SIDE* *YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DATE MEMBERS* *KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP PLATONIC IN NATURE WHILE WE ARE IN SESSION*



If you think you’d like to join them, in their non-sexual cuddling, click HERE.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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