After bumping into strangers all weekend in Orlando’s public spaces, we thought we would share this gem of a post that Curbed: San Francisco (Website) has just released; a handy guide to Pokehunting called “Pokémon Go Street Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts.”

As most people know, Pokemon Go is a game that lets users catch Pokémon in real world situations, using their smart phones. People are forgetting good manners as they stumble about the streets with their heads in their phones while trying to catch a Pikachu, and we can’t really blame them. This game is really fun. Also, the game encourages walking and urban exploring, two of our favorite things at the Bungalower.

Some of the Do’s that Curbed shared include:

  • “Buy goods from the restaurants and retails stores that you enter because you want to catch Clefairy or Bulbasaur. Tip extra if you stay longer than an average customer.”
  • “Put your phone away when the vibe isn’t right. Trust your instincts.”
  • “Actually read the info that the Poke Stop has to tell you. You will learn so much about your city from this game.”

And some of our favorite Don’ts include:

  • “If you are a grownup who is childless, please don’t loiter around a playground trying to catch ‘em all. You are creeping out all the parents who are there with their kids.”
  • “Be respectful of people who live in the neighborhood where you’re trying to catch Pokémon, especially if you do so at night. Unbeknownst to bewildered homeowners and occupants, many structures—including homes—have been turned into Pokémon gyms without approval of the property manager or homeowner. Don’t litter, yell, or act rowdy. You are making it unpleasant for the folks who call that place home.”
  • “Don’t play Pokémon Go in cemeteries, synagogues, churches, hospitals, or memorials. If you accidentally wander into one, politely tuck your phone into your pocket and quietly see yourself out.”

T0 see the complete list of Curbed: San Francisco’s Do’s and Don’ts, click HERE.


If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole phenom, watch this tutorial by The Verge (Website) below.

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