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Porter Paints wants to swap out their historic sign


The new-ish owners of Porter Paints at the corner of Colonial Drive and Summerlin Avenue [GMap], PPG Paints, will be altering their historic sign by adding some new vinyl signage to cover up a portion of what’s there now.

The original Porter Paints sign was given Landmark Sign Status by a City ordinance in 1995, when the then manager (now unceremoniously dumped by the new owners, according to employees at the shop) filed paperwork to try to keep the new owners from tampering with it.

The Landmark Sign status is meant to preserve signs that stand out as “reminders of the history and cultural heritage of the City …”

The sign is made of porcelain enamel faced metal panels, and is the only known sign of its type in City limits. The sign was most likely constructed in the mid-1900’s when Colonial Drive traffic started to increase.


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