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UPDATE: Contrary to what we were told earlier by Downtown Credo staffers, participating artists will not be asked to recreate or illustrate in the WPA style.

UPDATE: There will be no giant baby posters, we just thought it was funny.

Downtown Credo (Facebook | Website) is partnering with the City’s Families, Parks and Recreation Department, to launch a poster campaign to promote local parks, a la the Work Projects Administration Poster Collection. See some examples of the WPA Posters below.

Downtown Credo will recruit 20 local artists to participate in the Orlando Parks Project. Each artist will then illustrate their own experience of their chosen park, to be printed by Mama’s Sauce (Facebook Website), Lawton Connect (Website).

Trivia Alert: Lawton Printers is one of the oldest printing companies in the entire country.

If approved at the August 15 City Council meeting, the posters will carry the City’s name and logo as part of the project.

The posters will also be available in a coffee table format.

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry, we’re working with the project team to have the designs available in our online shop.








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