The former Yogen Fruz space in College Park will now be home to a new pizza place called the Pie . The Pie will specialize in fresh-made, wood-fired pizzas made under 10 minutes.

The new restaurant is currently scheduled to open some time this August.



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  1. Just hope it’s better than the rest of Orlando’s pizza places. Why can’t we get a real pizza in this town?

  2. Wow Orlando, way to be positive and support local business. Why don’t you give the place a try before shaming it. I thought this city took pride and supported one another?

  3. Seriously?!? Why another pizza place? How many Italian restaurants & pizza joints can Edgewater Drive support?!?

  4. Mark, it’s not Thai but Jade Bistro is delicious Asian food if you haven’t tried it.

  5. Just what our neighborhood does NOT need!! Enough Italian and pizza already! We need variety, PLEASE!!

  6. I do love pizza, but not sure College Park needs yet ANOTHER pizza joint… Tornatore’s has my business for the time being!

  7. Does ANY entrepreneur in Orlando EVER have an original idea?!
    Failure within 3 months of opening. Market is SATURATED with pizza.

  8. …because 10 pizza places in a 1½ mile stretch of Edgewater Drive isn’t enough?? How’s about a Thai restaurant, or Indian, or Cuban, or anything other than more pizza and Tex-Mex? Sheesh!