Wildside Bar and Grille (Facebook | Website) is going to become the new home of the Thornton Park Graffiti Junktion, very soon. WildSide will be closing immediately following a farewell party this Saturday, August 27 at 7 p.m., more details HERE at the Facebook event page. Graffiti Junktion is closing their current location, kitty corner from The Falcon [GMap], and moving into the Wildside space.

Wildside is currently owned by RB Management, the owners of Pacino’s Italian Ristorante, and Pulse Orlando. According to Wildside staff, they will maintain ownership of the restaurant but will be turning day-to-day operations over to Graffiti Junktion.

Current plans for the space include adding another bar, more television sets, and some “major renovations.”  The location expected to be closed for two to three weeks while the work is being done.

We will share any information we receive concerning the actual plans for the restaurant’s overhaul, and what will be moving into the 900 East Washington Street location, as soon as we have it.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. I loved Wildside and we will miss it dearly Thank you Rosario for so many wonderful evenings

  2. I like the location, but Wildside slide in quality so much over the years that we stopped giving it chances two years ago. Glad to see the space will get a new life. Will GJ close the location around the corner then? Or did they already?

  3. Wildside was great when it opened…but took a BIG dive in quality. Originally fresh-made yeast rolls for their sandwiches and fresh-cut fries. Somebody made the decision to switch to store-bought buns and frozen fries. Either the owners didn’t care or had no clue. Have they never seen Kitchen Nightmares??

  4. That should be a good move. Maxines was always too crowded and too loud in its current location. Now hopefully something good moves into the Shine location. Maybe Indian, Middle Eastern or something we don’t have downtown…basically a good not Asian place. 🙂

  5. happy to see it go. bad food, below par service and a health food inspection track record that was to systematic in default to ever recover. Haven’t been in years, but will maybe return to that spot as the new restaurant.

  6. I LOVE wildside! That suckss. I wonder what they’re going to put in place on the graffiti then..

  7. Not a fan of wildside, never even brought up as an option. Hopefully something good and different opens up in the old Graffiti spot.

  8. Kelli Thompson Sims… we need to go grab lunch one more time before they close. U0001f62dU0001f62d

  9. Wildside started out as a great restaurant, but somewhere along the way commitment to quality got lost. Sorry to see a BBQ go under, but when you start serving me store-bought buns and charging those prices, I’m not going back. Seems like many others had the same thought.