The fight is over for Mama B’s Giant Subs in Downtown Orlando. The single-story family-owned restaurant refused to sell to nearby developments for years, which led the 0.211-acre property to being slowly surrounded by multi-level buildings, a la Carl Fredricksen in Pixar’s Up.

According to a recent report by Bob Moser of Orlando Sentinel‘s Growth Spotter, which you can read HERE, the owners are retiring and looking to sell their property at 692 North Orange Avenue [GMap] as well as the sister property in Downtown South, at 1101 South Orange avenue [GMap].

The price of the properties, also according to Growth Spotter, is $1.2M each.


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  1. Doesn’t matter. It’s their property. Many traditional and family owned restaurants open for breakfast and/or lunch and choose not to for dinner. Try getting a Beefy King sandwich after 6, or going inside the restaurant after 3, I think.

  2. Poor residence inn. It’s feelings are probably still hurt. I hope it can recover, emotionally…

  3. We have had a lot of interest in these properties if you know anybody now the time to let me know

  4. Who gives a crap that poor little Residence Inn had to awkardly build around them? It is a better sign that they were not forced to sell under some bullshite law similar to imminent domain with road construction.

  5. That sounds really good. Who would have thought to put pastrami, my fave jewish meat, with egg salad yumminess. Will do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. What clientele? Living in the apartments behind there for 3 years, you could barely even tell if the place was open. It was always a ghost town with lights off. Barely any traffic in or out of there.

  7. I like small business: but I agree with Eddie Nickell. The Lust Cash Transactor man, Mr. lust, got little for his land once he sold out. That Colonial Drive piece is tiny– certainly not worth 1.2 million. Greed blinded these folks.

  8. wow.. this could backfire on them.. remember the Old house at Mills Park? he was offered a lot of money and refused and finally had to sell for a fraction of money he was offered.. Greedy people..

  9. Now they want to sell?????! After they forced Resident Inn to build awkwardly around their corner….