UPDATE: The City of Winter Park informed us that the developer met with them about six months ago, but that nothing official had been submitted, yet.

As reported by Bob Moser of GrowthSpotter, HERE, a local development group is looking to build the region’s largest roundabout, at the corner of SR 17-92 and Orange Avenue in Winter Park, as a centerpiece to an up-and-coming mixed-use project. The working name for the project is “Winter Park Station.”

The project is part of a massive land buy that Demetree Global (Website) has been spearheading at the six-way intersection for the past few years. Demetree now owns almost 10 acres of the 14+ acres that abut the crossroads, including the former home of Lombardi’s Seafood, Inc., the Mercantile Bank Plaza property on Orange Avenue. Demetree Global is represented by affiliated with the law offices of Orange County Commissioner, Ted Edwards.

We’ve reached out to the City of Winter Park to see if there have been any offers made by Demetree Global for the City-owned property at the intersection.

This project is still in its infancy and nothing official has been filed by Demetree, at this time.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Not.

    Modern roundabouts are
    the safest form of intersection in the world (much more so than comparable
    signals).Visit http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/t/roundabouts/topicoverview for modern
    roundabout FAQs and safety facts.Modern
    roundabouts, and the pedestrian refuge islands approaching them, are two of
    nine proven safety measures identified by the FHWA,http://tinyurl.com/7qvsaem

    The FHWA has a video
    about modern roundabouts on Youtube, or check out the IIHS video (iihs dot org).



  2. My office is at this intersection. There are so many accidents already here. I would love a roundabout. This city needs more of them. They are safer and cheaper than traffic lights no matter how dumb we are.

  3. If you can’t negotiate a roundabout…
    You shouldn’t have a drivers license.
    This is why other nations make fun of us.

  4. Great question Leonard. They do discourage novices and rural drivers from driving in urban areas.
    A win/win.

  5. They’ll have to learn the hard way. Roundabouts actually discourage
    bumpkins and novices from driving in urban areas.
    A win/win.

  6. The inability of people to drive in a straight line is exactly my point. If there is a roundabout, there will be constant accidents and then see how the traffic flow is effected.

  7. People can’t drive in a straight line! So what difference does it make?! The existing intersection is horrible and I guess a traffic light is too expensive.

  8. Have none of you been stuck making a left at that intersection? The current set-up is inefficient and dangerous. I welcome a roundabout, but I’m curious to find out how it will impact pedestrians.

  9. I would love a roundabout. People learn to handle them just fine once they’re actually built. When I lived in Carmel, IN almost every single intersection in the city was a roundabout. They’re not as difficult as people make them out to be. It’s pretty self-explanatory, even for Florida drivers.

  10. That is the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Florida drivers simply cannot handle roundabouts, especially one of that magnitude.

  11. Most drivers around here don’t follow the rules of a roundabout on a simple residential street. A roundabout at this intersection will be a nightmare!