As seen in the video below, captured by David Porter of Sunrailraiders – Florida (Facebook | Website), SunRail could soon be pilot testing Saturday train service.

The video was filmed by Porter at a recent SunRail TAC meeting, held on September 15, 2016, and shows a SunRail consultant, Carson Chandler (LinkedIn), tentatively talking around Saturday service. We’ve been hearing rumors of the expanded service for the past few weeks, but have been unable to get FDOT or SunRail officials to confirm any change in train availability.

In the video, Chandler states that, “A number of our downtown partners, and stakeholders, and civic groups are working right now, to kind of put the pieces in place, a pilot project that would offer some Saturday SunRail service … uh, there’s not, they’re not ready to release any more details, publicly, uh, but I think we’ll have an update for you within the next couple of weeks … on that. But I think it’s a positive development, offering some, pilot project window of time that would offer service on Saturdays. Specifically in a window when a lot of events are happening downtown, along the corridor, Downtown Orlando, and in Winter Park.”

Chandler went on to say that it is a third party project that is being driven by the community, with more details to come.


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  1. I would love to us it on Saturdays and I am willing to pay more for weekend service so I don’t have to drive or pay for valet parking in Winter Park from downtown resident.

  2. Let’s just hope the events he’s talking about include people going downtown late at night. And not just Orlando City and Magic events.