The existing Orlando Main Street districts have recently appealed to the City of Orlando for expanded/revisioned borders. The attached maps are the proposed target areas for each district. We have included their original submitted boundaries, and the designs that went through City approval before being submitted to City Council for ultimate approval on October 10, as part of the Main Street District agreements.

Although they are not an official Main Street yet, the proposed Milk District boundaries have been included in these submissions as the City will be voting on whether or not to allow them in the program.

The City has informed us that these areas will not have any influence on district membership, but are more for the purpose of managing public improvements in the City’s right-of-way.

To see the current boundaries of each district, click HERE.


Original, submitted boundaries, by the Main Street District managers.

Proposed maps from districts from Brendan O’Connor


What will be submitted to City Council for approval.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. I think technically they’re a Market Street District, which is similar but acknowledges the differences between that district and the more stereotypical Main Streets.
    I see Semoran as one day becoming a multi-model corridor, lined (primarily on the western side) with mid-rise, mixed-use developments with high walkability (though that walkability may be more internal within the developments, like SoDo’s internal area, rather than focused around Semoran Boulevard).

  2. Also, some Conway businesses have had meetings with the City about having their own designation, but they don’t seem to have made it for this round.

  3. Gateway Orlando is the new(ish) name for the Semoran Business Partnership (SeBuPa – we miss that name!). It’s done a lot for that corridor in paying for landscaping in the medians and working with independently owned restaurants. They’re applying Main Street principles to an area of town that needs some help. It also happens to be a major entrance-way to Orlando, via the airport. Not a bad thing to give it some attention.

  4. I heard that Semoran was included but it seems silly. Are there ever specific events that occur on that street? Lots of mediocre plazas and chain stores/restaurants in that area of Semoran. Not sure how a 6+ lane street can be a Main Street district.