Rebuild Globally (Facebook Website), a non-profit based out of Orlando, has set up a relief fund for victims left in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. They currently have representatives on the ground in Haiti, helping to get emergency food and water to people in the refugee damps.

They are collecting money to buy food, water, and rebuilding supplies from local vendors, in order to support small organizations on the ground.

Julie Colombino, CEO of Rebuild Globally, wrote the following message to Ben Hoyer of Credo Coffee, who forwarded it to us.

“As of 10:30 a.m. – I lost communication with Haiti, temporarily (hopefully).  Sarah has been staying at ServeHotel and serving as the contact person for our team.  Each one of our craftsmen and women and their families are in concrete/block homes.  All have open[ed their homes] to neighbors who are living in shanty shacks.  We sent each teammate 75 goude phone credit to try to keep in comm[unication] after the worst hits.  Which should be in the next hour.
Currently PAP [Port au Prince] has heavy wind and light rain.
Our folks in the refugee camp [Fonds Bayard Refugee Camp] have lost all tents through the night.  All families have been moved into the church and school structures. If it floods as expected, we have our workshop container that will serve for the babies and mothers.  There are no windows or ventilation so this is a last resort, but it is 8 feet off the ground.”
To donate, click HERE, or email [email protected] to find out how you can help.
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