We posted a photo tour of the warehouses at 1300 Alden Road in Ivanhoe Village in May, 2016 HERE when we saw that it was up for sale. The property consisted of a 4,000 SF block building and a 6,000 SF +/- wooden building to the north.

The lot was previously owned by Hunter Chemical. Crossman & Company told us that the new owner would most likely be razing the building as it would take too much work to bring it up to code.

Richard Forbes, from the City of Orlando, told us in May that, “I’m afraid that this is the building that the new owners want to demolish for additional parking.  Very sad indeed as I agree with you that it is a fantastic space and such great old wood.”

We’re waiting for news of what will be moving into the building that is still standing.

EDIT: We received the following message and graphics from Tyler Wilkins, an associate at Crossman & Company, concerning the demo:

“It was determined that the wooden building was not tenantable so it had to come down (as you know when we toured it and we could see straight through to the ground). One positive of this is this will allow for extra parking for the remaining 4,000 SF building which is getting a remodel. The owner and I love this area and we are looking for a tenant that will expand on the great current tenant mix throughout the Ivanhoe Arts District. Attached is our flyer in case you have a suggestion of who may be a good fit.”

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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