The new Audubon Park K-8 school has undergone a few changes since we last wrote about it HERE.

In papers filed with the City requesting for a Conditional Use Permit amendment to revise the original plan for a parking garage with a new surface parking lot, you can see how a number of projects have been shifted around the site.

The northern parking garage, shown as Number 4 in the rendering below, is completely gone, which would have left the Pre-K and 1st-3rd Grade play areas right next to the newly enlarged parking lot.

The outdoor amphitheater, once a centerpiece of the campus, has been shifted to the southern-side of the center classroom building and shrunk.

The ambulatory for buses has also been shaved off considerably to allow for more classroom space to the south eastern edge of the property.

The track and field space to the south has remained largely untouched, except for the addition of two basketball courts.



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