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Saturday SunRail numbers drop substantially, no service Nov. 26


According to the blog SunRail Riders (Website) Saturday SunRail numbers have taken a drastic drop since it launched on November 5. Read their full post HERE.

  • November 5 – 3,255 riders
  • November 12 – 3,452 riders
  • November 19 – 2,100 riders

Saturday service is being planned piecemeal depending on the number of large-scale events along the corridor each week, as such no long-range schedule has been released.

There will be no Saturday service on November 26.

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  1. Central Florida-
    You got scammed by your GOP pols. Mica and Scott NEVER wanted this to be a success.
    This poorly-ran disappointment is supposed to curtail your appetite for public mass transit.
    It was routed on a freight line that goes nowhere. Sure, you can go downtown during the business day. That’s about it.
    There’s no retail downtown. If you want food there’s pizza or pub food.
    Downtown Winter Park is too expensive for most.
    Sunrail could have gone SOMEWHERE.
    Like The Mall at Millenia. Like I-Drive.
    There’s no point in taking a Saturday train that stops running at 9:00pm.
    FDOT are incompetent, shortsighted, and provincial.
    We pay for their negligence.

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