@Bungalower, is Ten10 Brewing closing up?” – Michael Pino, via Twitter

What Pino was referring to in the above Tweet was a listing on the Stampler Auction website, HERE, that shows a brew system, fermenters, and other brewing paraphernalia that are listed for sale.

We reached out to the Virginia Drive brewing team, who answered that they were simply upgrading to some new equipment. They’ll be getting a 15 bbl Brite Tank next week as they increase capacity.

No we are not closing. Sorry this is a bit misleading. Nothing is changing.” – Ten 10 Brewing
So once again, according to Ten 10 Brewing Company (Facebook | Website), they are not closing, they’re simply selling off old equipment. All of it.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. We’re hedging our bets that they have someone buying back the equipment for them. Hence the staying open part. But we don’t write about maybes so we’re sticking with what they told us until we see otherwise.

  2. So they are getting a new brite tank but are auctioning off every single piece of equipment in there? You wouldn’t be selling off all your sinks, walkins, tap lines, POS system, etc if you were going to be staying open. You can’t even be open legally without most of those items.

  3. Thank you for the update Bungalower! A few of my friends and I were confused when we saw the auction page.