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Ask Bungalower: Whats up with all the “Protect Yo Heart” messages?


Hey Bungalower, do you know what’s up with all the “Protect Yo Heart” messages that have been spray painted all over the downtown sidewalks? Thanks!” – Lisa Ngai

Protect Yo Heart Day is a community art event by New York artist UnCutt Art (Instagram | Website), that will take place on April 23. The date, 4/23, is a reference to Proverb 4:23 which states, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

UnCutt refers to his project as a day of self-love and self-appreciation. The street artist sees it as a reminder to reset and recenter.

At the time of this post, we’re unsure if the tags were put in place by UnCutt when he was in Florida for the latest iteration Art Basel in Miami or if it was done by someone who was inspired by his work.


Protect Yo Heart Day – Uncutt Art from Viviane Faver on Vimeo.

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