Hey Bungalower, when do we get to have one of those booze bicycle things that are in Sanford? I was just there and they look really fun.” – Kristen B.

Sanford’s own pedal bus, Limo Cycle Tours (Facebook | Website), has been operating for two years in their downtown. The pedal-powered tours involve a bicycle-powered “limousine” where the riders all pedal together as they drink their way around town and play different games. Each bus can seat 10 people, has two 66-liter coolers for drinks, misting fans, and a stereo system.

The bike-bars can travel about five miles-per-hour, often alongside regular traffic.

Limo Cycle Tours owner, Steve Tishman, has been trying to get permits to expand into Downtown Orlando and the I-Drive tourist corridor, but has been unable to convince the City of Orlando. We’ve attached the following letter from Deputy Chief Eric Smith, Orlando’s Vehicle for Hire Administrator, which reflects the City’s position on bicycle bars.

So to answer your question Kristen, unless the City creates a special permitting category for bike buses that serve alcoholic beverages, it looks like we won’t be seeing these in town any time soon.

limo cycle let-page-001


Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. I have done this several times in Sanford. Let’s bring Limo Cycle Tours to Orlando as well. What are they waiting for? Great opportunity to socialize and team build. Love the Shenanigans theme.

  2. Attracting tourists and locals alike, Limo Cycle Tours features safe, adult and family oriented tours. The cycles are used frequently for corporate team building programs as well. This firm has donated over $20,000 to local charities and generates significant revenue for area businesses in Sanford. As the owner of Limo Cycle, I am proud of how we operate our tours and support our community. The City of Orlando is missing the big picture.

  3. I didn’t fall off. It doesn’t go that fast. Actually for the video, I was on and off it a lot. But I did it once for fun, and I survived.
    Pro tip: Wear shorts and go when it’s cool. It’s not easy pedaling.