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Crane Watch: City to break ground on Colonial pedestrian overpass this February


The long-promised pedestrian bridge that will connect Gertrude’s Walk to the Orlando Urban Trail will break ground this month, according to a recent post on DowntownOrlando.com.

According to the post, construction will be taking place during the day, Monday through Friday, and the occasional Saturday, culminating in Fall 2018 when the project is expected to be completed.

The bridge is expected to cost roughly $8.71M, according to the contract awarded to Southland Construction. For more information on the project timeline and the winning bid, click HERE.




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  1. Are more pedestrian overpasses planned in orlando? I LOVE this idea for pedestrian safety. Maybe it could be used at few locations around town?

  2. Wondering if there are plans to connect trails and bike ways from the west side if I-4? Thinking of College Park and the Creative Village project

  3. We could build out an entire bike network that includes provisions making crossing Colonial safe and easy for the cost of this single bridge. Line item investments in bike infrastructure are generally about $500,000 annually in Orlando, so this bridge equals 17 years worth of bike infrastructure investment.
    Why the city can’t see that is beyond me.

  4. Hmmm. Build an expensive bridge or re-time lights at intersections and paint more bike lanes that connect in an on-street network. Gosh – let’s go approve some municipal bonds and get TWO bridges!

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