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Road Alert: New all-way stop sign installed by Lake Eola


A new all-way stop sign was recently installed at the intersection of Lake and Central Avenues, in front of the Downtown Publix [GMap].

The three-way intersection is a popular crossing point for pedestrians coming and going to Lake Eola and for passing traffic driving between the Central Business District and Thornton Park.

Orange flags have been added to the signs to call extra attention to the new signs. Please drive with care.


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  1. WARNING! SIGN NOT VISIBLE WITH BUS! Please note that the bus stops directly in front of the Stop sign so if there is traffic coming around the bus, the sign is usually never seen. There needs to be flashers on this sign before someone gets hurt. I have seen multiple vehicles go right through the sign as those who live downtown are not familiar with there ever being anything more than a cross walk. It was needed for sure, just need more safety, possibly a sign in the middle of the road on the dividing lines much like they have at school crossings.

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