“I just saw a cyclist reach into a pouch and toss a handful of white powder on the road. Why would they do that?” – Jane Chapman

That cyclist was probably spreading something called “bike hash” which is essentially, a trail of flour.

The lead cyclist, or “hare,” is leaving the trail of flour as a way-finding tool for the pack of cyclists behind them, or “hounds,” to follow.

The hounds are tasked with catching up to the hounds by the end of the route, where they then drink, eat, and have a little party.


The events are often called Bike Hashes or Bashes. The oldest Bike Hash in the world is reportedly in Singapore, where they started in 1989.

One of the local Bike Hash groups that we know of at Bungalower is the Orlando Bike-o Psychos (Website), who meet every other Sunday.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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