59 photos of Orlando Flag submissions


The City of Orlando’s flag re-design contest attracted over 1,000 submissions, from around the world, including Belgium and Canada.

Although the top ten submissions have already been chosen, we asked for permission from the Mayor’s office to sort through the submissions to see what sort of flag ideas had been sent in.

Click HERE to see the top 10 designs. Residents have until April 17 to vote for their favorite, which they can do HERE

In the initial qualifying round, flags were judged on a number of guidelines, including:

  • They must have been created on a 3×5 note card.
  • Entries had to be hand-drawn, using solid colors. No graduated colors or digital art were accepted.
  • All entries were judged on the North American Vexillological Association’s 5 Principles of Good Design.
  • Submissions could only use two to three basic colors.
  • No lettering or seals.

The designs were sorted through by the appointed Flag Design Review Committee, which included:

  • Ted Bogert, Diamond Residential Mortgage
  • Grace Chewning, City of Orlando
  • Stephanie Darden, Prismatic
  • Joy Wallace Dickinson, Orlando Sentinel
  • Chad Miller, Code for Orlando
  • Cole NeSmith, Creative City Project
  • Orlando Robles, Orlando Science School
  • Dr. John Schott, North American Vexillological Association
  • Kyle Shephard, City of Orlando

Here are a number of designs that we picked out of the piles of submissions. A large amount of the following designs were submitted by local schools.

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We’ve also assembled a number of flags from nearby cities and from around the world, just for a little bit of inspiration.

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  1. The swan logotype with the crossbars and the orange is beautiful! I do wish this one would have made the cut, as the final 10 leave me underwhelmed. Also, Beefy King FTW.

    • That was submitted by my best friend! Unfortunately they only kept the swan part and changed her design for the final round of voting. Seems like the city really only wanted to steal people’s ideas because what’s the point of asking for submissions only to change the design in the end? Very disappointing.

      • Even though it was the edited version, that was my favorite design! Sad to see that they chose to cut it from the Top 2.

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