The Orlando Business Journal recently recognized Atrium Management with a Community Impact award, in recognition for their Milk District property redevelopments in the past year.

Atrium Managment is led by Adam Wonus, who came into the public eye after purchasing roughly 60 homes in Orlando’s hipster-haven neighborhood near the T.G. Lee Dairy plant. Wonus has been quoted as wanting to transform the Milk District into ” … the next Thornton Park.”

Wonus has already redone 40 single family homes, replacing them with a total of 69,960 SF of new-build duplex townhouses. According to the post by the Business Journal, available HERE.

The award was part of the local media group’s 2017 Residential Real Estate Awards.


  1. Such a shame that the Orlando Business Journal decided to give an award to someone who came in a bought up 60 homes without anyone really being aware of it, got his financing from Wells Fargo of which he was a past employee (something seems a little wrong here) and uprooted many people who found affordable living in that area and who are now forced to live in his shoddy little homes instead of the character filled ones that once abounded in the area. When will the city of Orlando ever learn? Big developers come in, take a cool hipster area (see Alden Road at Virginia for other example) buy it all up, tear everything down and shove their ideas down everyone’s throats. They build designs that do not fit in with the existing neighborhood, minimum parking, minimum amenities and they make their money, leave the city and we are left stuck with another strip mall. Oh wait, strip malls are out. Mixed use developments are in now. They are the new strip malls. In a few years they will all be half empty like the one on 17-92 and Lake is now. Sad that the cities around here still can be bought off by a big, fancy development with all their talk.

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