The owners of The Lodge (Facebook) and The Woods (Facebook) in Downtown Orlando have taken the helm of the recently vacated Burton’s Bar and Grill in Thornton Park [GMap].

Following the news that the bar had closed this past February, business partners Aaron Dudek and Jason Anderson stepped in.

“We were fans of the building’s history.” Said Dudek, referring to the 80-years the business had operated on that corner. The duo plan on taking the space back to what it used to be, with a no muss, no fuss offering of beer and wine, and pool tables.

The adjoining restaurant space that failed to open under the past ownership is available for a new concept, and Dudek informed Bungalower that they’ll be looking for someone to sublet the space to who could compliment the bar.

“We never would have been able to do this without our awesome staff at our other two locations.” – Aaron dudek

The space is only undergoing minor repairs and aesthetic touch-ups and expected to be ready for a late-May opening.

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  1. QUESTION: I noticed the lights and TV are back on, but still not officially open. When can we expect Burton’s to be back at it with the new owners.

    Also, will they carry the tradition of complementary burgers and dogs on Sunday? Granted, Robert’s seasoning combo will be tough to replicate, but open to new beginnings! Thanks for keeping this keystone establishment alive.

    1. Hi Alexandra, we just posted on our Instagram about this! They’ll be opening very soon and promised to give us a look before it happens. We’ll be sure to ask about their policy on free burgers and hotdogs.

  2. What you may not know..Robert, previous owner, bought this place just before the economy collapsed, and kept the doors open through one of the worst business climates. The rent was almost $10k a month! Robert built Burton’s! He was friendly, welcoming, and got a raw deal in the court system. He cared about his customers, he gave us a great place to hang out and have fun, he created a community of friends. There will be no Burton’s without Robert.

  3. I heard from a reliable source that the owner of the building got the previous owner of Burtons out on a legal technicality, I can speak for the group of friends that used to go there, including myself, that we won’t step within 10 feet of the new so called “Burtons”. As far as the two guys reopening it, what kind of character trait does a person have that will use the name of a place they had no part of building?

    1. The documents are available on orange county clerk of courts. Although it looks like some rent was not on time or short, it does appear to be a by a couple days or short admin fees. Not something you’d think would lead to eviction.

  4. I’ve been going to Burton’s “Frosted Mug” (and living in TP) for 22 years. Roger was great and the previous owners were too. Aaron and Jason are veterans in Orlando hospitality and they’ll do what’s right for the space. Let’s hope the only things they change are adding the “frosted Mug” back in the name and updating the shitters.

    Sidebar – Jason / Aaron – My drunken wife through a dart into the duct work the last night Roger was open. Sorry for the AC leak…

  5. Jim s if you are worried about Burtons being dog friendly in all this , I’m sure your girlfriend will still be welcome. Sam b you and bill are two douches I never met , u must of been the two in the corner , I moved here 13 mos ago and was welcomed and interduced to 100+ fine people who all loved Robert . He was Burtons

    1. I agree with you “Spear”…Robert WAS and IS Burton’s. I was razzing Charles. You misread the post.
      Calm down. 13 months?? I’ve been going there since 2004…13 YEARS. You’re a newbie.

  6. Burton’s is the “Thorn in Thornton Park”. Sorry to hear there has been a change in ownership. Robert was always a gracious host and was never the person Bill Charles described. That was a slanderous remark. I’ve lived in this neighborhood and have frequented Burton’s for 13 yrs. So sorry that a happy place ,and it’s previous owner, is being slandered by Bill. Your are obviously not part of our wonderful neighborhood where our friends stick together.

  7. Can’t wait to see the new Burton’s. I used to go there all the time but have stayed in recent times cause the owner was always there drunk, hitting on woman and acting like a douche.

  8. Many local folks and Thornton Park neighbors were very loyal to previous owner and based on how this was handled, will be VERY reluctant to patronize this “Burton’s” bar. Not the same. Very disappointing.