Residents petition for buried power lines in Lake Lawsona Historic District


UPDATE: Click HERE to see the Historic Neighborhood Improvement Initiative Facebook page. 

A petition is making the rounds in the Lake Lawsona Historic District, to request that their power lines be placed underground.

Neighbors in the district are working with OUC and the City of Orlando to measure the interest to underground their utility poles. Once the petition has circulated the neighborhood, OUC will be conducting a feasibility study to outline what it would take to complete the project.

Most feedback in online forums has been fairly supportive, citing reasons like decreased power brown-outs during severe storms, less restrictions for increasing tree canopies, allowing for the planting of more trees along the right-of-way, and increasing home values.

There is no public timeline on this project.


  1. lake Lawsona Fern Creek neighborhood association is having their next quarterly meeting on July 11th at Langford Community Center at 6:30pm. Might be a good opportunity to get a lot of signatures at one time.

    • Hello sir I came by your house this afternoon around 4 with your petition but you were not home what it a good availability time for you when I can come by and you can sign the petition. Thank you for the support

  2. What petition? I live in this district & this is all news to me. Please send a copy of this petition, if possible.

    • I’m going to be coming around to all the 596 residents of lake lawsona the next couple weeks to get the petitions signed. We already have 75 completed I will eventually make my way to you.

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