According to an item on the City of Orlando Council Agenda for July 24, 2017, the Sustainability Department is looking to to update the municipal recycling program.

An employment agreement was filed to hire  Joseph England as a Sustainability Project Manager for the City, with one of his duties being to develop a “mandatory commercial and multi-family recycling program … phased in over several years.”

Current City code only requires new developments to plan for a garbage dumpster. This new policy would make all new development to plan for a recycling container.

Depending on the policy, existing businesses may also be required to retrofit their existing recycling as well.

Currently, less than half of commercial and multi-family properties in Orlando allow for recycling.

The program is still in development and England’s contract is up for approval at the aforementioned City Council meeting.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of

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  1. Since it is costing the City more to recycle than the return on the recycled products that are being sold – lets do commercial recycling too. More wasted taxpayers money.

  2. Completely garbage. Property owners should be allowed to use whatever refuse program they want to and should be able to hire whatever company they wish to. The City doesn’t seem to mind that property owners will lose parking spaces and have higher occupancy costs due to their edicts from on high.