If you throw up, get ready to pay up at the Stubborn Mule.

The popular downtown Orlando restaurant and brunch spot has a policy that states that any guest who pukes on the premises must clean it up or pay a cleaning fee of $150.

A server at the Stubborn Mule (Facebook | Website) recently told Bungalower that the cleaning fee is in response to the number of guests who have lost their brunch at the restaurant. Patrons who purge often do it on the restaurant’s outdoor patio, we were told, after sitting in the summer heat for an extended period of time.

The bottomless mimosas for $10 and hangovers from the previous night’s partying may also be contributing factors.

The Stubborn Mule serves brunch from 11 a.m. to  2:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sunday.

Editor’s Note: We spoke with a manager over the phone who informed us that they haven’t had to charge anyone yet and that there is no set number that they charge. She explained further that the number could fluctuate depending on the level of mess left behind by the guest, puke or no puke.


Jon Busdeker

Jon Busdeker is a freelance journalist and videographer. He lives in College Park and is a co-host of "Bungalower and The Bus." Check out his website at www.jonbusdeker.com.

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  1. When it’s a restaurant charging a “Puke Tax” it gets tagged in South Eola. When a new business opens up it gets tagged Thornton Park. Seems a little shady.