New ramen restaurant opening in Thornton Park

Photo via Jinya Facebook page

According to our friend Ricky Ly of Tasty Chomps, a new ramen restaurant will be opening in the former home of Tijuana Flats, next to the Starbucks, in Thornton Park.

Construction of the Jinya Ramen Bar (Website) will begin in the next few months and is expected to be open in 2018.

Jinya has 27 locations across Canada and the continental United States. Click HERE to see their menu.

Click HERE to read the full report on Tasty Chomps.


  1. I’m excited for this to open! But when will everyone drop the Thornton Park label for things that aren’t in Thornton Park? The Starbucks is in South Eola. This will be opening in South Eola. Just because the developer who dropped that building in South Eola called it Thornton Park Central, doesn’t make it any more Thornton Park than Winter Park.

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