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Winter Park-based Titan Properties is looking to redevelop the parcel that has housed Colonial Bowling Lanes for over 60 years.

Titan has filed a master plan for a Conditional Use permit for the Colonial Bowling Lanes (Website) property, located at 400 N. Primrose Drive [GMap], that would transform it into a four-story self-storage facility with ground floor retail currently being called “Primrose Self-Storage.” Another name on the application is “Extraspace Storage.”

Part of the plan is to divide the lot into two separate parcels, with the second piece being developed at a future date.

This project is still in its early development stages and has not been given a public hearing date for any municipal boards.

The following renderings were prepared by Keesee Associates (Website).


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  1. Is there a way to contact the city to discuss what exactly the vision is for Orlando in the upcoming years? It is discouraging to see so many independent gems being replaced by storage units, corporate businesses, etc. Do we hold Orlando to any standards??? Cities like Savannah, Asheville, and Austin are cool because of the culture the city committed to supporting. Where is our support for establishing Orlando as a progressive, unique city with culture??? I mean come ON.

  2. A shame it is being torn down, no more karaoke on Friday nights….. Sang there for 9 years.looking for another place.

    1. Thank you for the share Jake. We’ll add this to the post for those who would like to attend.

    1. The project is still being “workshopped” with the City. It won’t be able to be turned down until it goes in front of a City board like the MPB. The City Planning department has made a number of recommendations though, which apparently include the call for ground floor retail if they move forward.

      1. Sandy, you seem to have a personal issue with the business with the comments you are making. The Bowling lanes seems to be the one of if not the busiest one around with a manager that has been reportedly there for 27 years and open for almost 60 years. Now with anything that age I am sure it could use some updating.

  3. If it’s so bad, invest your own money and keep it open. Nothing makes me laugh harder than people telling other people what to do with their money & property.

  4. Maybe if people would stop hoarding, there wouldn’t be a need for all of these self storage facilities. There’s a already one a few blocks away

  5. Is mini storage really the best use of a centrally located parcel in that part of town? Sounds like the developer is trying use the cash flow from the mini storage to buy the property then will flip the other parcel. Some low rise (exec airport would limit height) residential with ground floor retail would be great on that corner. Walkable to retail, park, and Milk District bars and restaurants plus convenient to Downtown. Why can’t we find developers with a little vision and creativity.

      1. Being asked if you would sell is not the same as looking to sell. How do you know this have you asked them? Is there some advertisement somewhere with the owners listing the property for sale?

  6. The bowling alley is quite a bit older than thirty years. Was there at least since mid-60s; have heard it opened around same time original Colonial Plaza opened in mid-50s.

    1. The family has had it for 30 years. The building is much older, you’re correct.

  7. Money talks but this is sad. This is an iconic Orlando business. Our city is famous for it’s older popular places. What next? Wills Pub? Wally’s? How horrible to put a Wallgreens where the Claddagh Cottage has been for years. Change is good but it also sucks the history out of our area.

    1. I can’t help but laugh that Colonial Lanes is what is considered to be “history” in Orlando. There is no architectural uniqueness to that building what so ever. Just because something is old does not make it historically significant.

      1. Just because it isn’t pretty doesn’t mean that it’s not historically significant. It’s historically significant because of decades and a couple generations of family memories in a place like this.

      2. I have to laugh too the only history of Colonial Lanes is in the Bar Extension Cords run from every place in that bar top to bottom side to side. There nothing holding the building standing up but the Mgr BS. Best thing to help the corner of Livingston and Primrose knock it down.