Spa Orlando building for lease


Following the recent news that Spa Orlando had closed their Thornton Park business (more on that HERE), the building they once occupied is now open for lease.

Located at 23 N. Summerlin Avenue [GMap] the freestanding office building measures in at 2,372 SF. Currently, they are renting 1,580 SF of that space for a “spa, nail salon, office.” It’s directly across the street from Starbucks and Soco.

It comes with six on-site parking spaces.

Click HERE to see the listing.


  1. Ms. Wilder: I would like to set the record straight related to the circumstances of the closing of “Spa Orlando”. Simply stated, the Spa has had difficulty meeting their obligations for a long time. Although the landlord extended years of gratuitous extensions and payment plans to the tenant, unfortunately they were unable to resolve their financial problems and without notice, moved out of the property. In fact, the Spa breached their lease agreement moving without any notice and failed to leave the premise is the proper condition. According to the landlords records, you are not affiliated with the tenant or had interaction with the company who owns the property or their representatives so your assertion that “The landlord is HORRIBLE” is your own opinion and based on unsubstantiated assumptions .

  2. PSA: NO ONE should lease this building. The landlord is HORRIBLE. This spa did not want to close AT ALL and all of those people are out of a job. RUN LIKE HELL from this place. How I wish there was a way we could register community assholes so others can be forewarned. Consider this a Public Service Announcement.

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