La Petite Eat by Katina Bitsicas

Art in Odd Places (Website) has returned to Orlando for a third year of its public visual and performance art festival in the streets of Downtown Orlando, from November 10-12. This year’s theme is “Noise” and the event will take place along Orange Avenue, between Wall and South Streets.

This year’s fest features 34 art projects from an array of local, national, and international artists. The curators for the 2017 event are Rachel Simmons and Julian Chambliss.

Art in Odd Places is a free event and lasts noon-8 p.m. November 10 and 11, and noon-4 p.m. November 12.

See brief art exhibit descriptions and artist names below. Some photos included:

The Listening Project by The ELAR Institute – Logan Anderson (Winter Park, FL): Listening

Command Voices – Elizabeth A. Baker (St. Petersburg, FL): Structured improvisation

La Petite Eat – Katina Bitsicas (Columbia, MO): Video installation

Can You Hear The Dance? – Grace Brett (Clermont, FL): Dance interpretation

Brian and Ryan: Sound Collection Helmets – Brian Black, Ryan Bulis (Vista, CA): Performance

Soapbox Project – Aquanza Cadogan (Orlando, FL): Sound and storytelling

LISTEN – Lisa Cody-Rapport (Clermont, FL): Photo installation

remote interruptions – Emma Cotter (Brooklyn, NY): Dance installation

Phantom Home (Tinikling in the Tune of an Empty Room) – Anna Cruz (Winter Park, FL): Video installation

A Rupture: Constructed Histories – Aruni Dharmakirthi (Brooklyn, NY): Video installation

Radio Drift – Chantelle Dorsey (Tallahassee, FL): Musical performance and installation

On Tail’s End Whipping – Rush Falknor (Chicago, IL): Sound installation

Protest Song – Adam Farcus (Jackson, MS): Sound installation

Drum Schtick – Brian Feldman (Washington D.C.): Drum installation

Mad Traffic! – Angela Ferraiolo (Bronxville, NY): Sound and interactive art installation

Empathy for the Figure – Julia Gladstone (Brooklyn, NY): Performance art

Don’t Call Me Baby – Victoria Gordon (Orlando, FL): Mixed media

The ElectroAcoustic Sound Lorry (EASL) – Sean Hamilton (Tampa, FL): Mobile performing arts station

Sawing Surveillance – Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (Lafayette, IN): Sound, video and performance installation

Praying to Cars: Mindful Momentum – Rebekah Lane (Dade City, FL): Soundscape and projections

Foolish Bebop – Rebekah Lane (Dade City, FL), Kevin G. Becker (Winter Park, FL): Theatrical movement performance

Downtown Sound – Adam Lavigne, Justin Luper (Orlando, FL): Mural installation

The Paper Trail Project – Suzanne Oberholtzer (Orlando, FL): Visual installation

Induction Ensemble – Russell Parker (Orlando, FL): Interactive sound installation

Exchange – Linda Peer (Torrey, UT): Silent, roving performance

Terra Tumultum – Lisa Bulawsky (Vertigo Press) (St.Louis, MO ): Interactive installation

Porn Nail$ Mobile Salon – Rosemarie Romero (Miami Lakes, FL): Interactive installation and performance

Atomic Number Two – Anamaria Romero Acosta (Orlando, FL): Interactive installation

Atomic Number

I Will Always Love You – Dan Rule (New Orleans, LA): Video installation

The Specular Highlights Institute – Lesley Silvia (Casselberry, FL): Visual installation

Culture Hustlers – Lucas Spivey (Beverly, MA): Visual and sound installation

Monument to Lost Data – David Staley (Columbus, OH): Sculpture

A Conversation About Trucks – Sidney Stretz (Greensboro, NC): Sound installation

Flexible Self Inside the Screen – Sarah Viviana Valdez, Matthew Moyer (Sarasota, FL; Orlando, FL): Performance

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