Colonialtown Square Park, located at 820 N. Fern Creek Avenue [GMap], is getting a facelift via Commissioner Patty Sheehan and the City of Orlando.

This park is at the center of a stretch of Colonialtown that has seen a number of new townhome developments over the past few years, making updates that much more necessary as more people move into the area.

The small neighborhood park will soon host a Pulse memorial installation in the shape of a large paver space in the shape of a flat labyrinth. The entire installation would be encircled with pavers that have the names of the 49 victims engraved into them.

The center of the installation will feature a custom-made decal in the form of the “Orlando United” heart and will be colored, as discussed below.

The park will also receive three new city benches and two new paved walkways that connect the labyrinth installation with the sidewalk.

The design portion of this project still needs to be approved by a number of City advisory boards, but is expected to be approved by the end of December. Work has already begun.


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  1. They tore up my neighborhood park for this?! What a bunch of crap. Thanks Orlando. Go build the memorial somewhere else. Like on Pulse property. Don’t need more traffic.