We often get photographs and tips from our Bungalower readers of things that are happening around town. When that happens, we feature them on the site in a series called Eyes on the Street, in honor of our favorite urbanist Jane Jacobs.

“In our neighborhood Nextdoor.com, several locals have reported that while they were patronizing several of the establishments in Mills Park (Ten 10 & Yamasan), they were towed and in one instance, the towing company caused damaged to the patrons car). They were given no notice that they were parking illegally by the security people out in the lot, and as far as I know, there is no signage.” – Julie Herman

We received the above message last week and looked into it. According to management at Fresh Market, while they are the largest tenant at Mills Park, they are not responsible for the towing.

RAM Management, the management company that recently took over operations of Mills Park, is towing vehicles that are parking on their property and then leaving to go to nearby businesses; like the aforementioned Ten 10 Brewing, which isn’t located in the same devleopment. It’s across the street.

According to management at Fresh Market, there has been a noticeable trend for people to not only park in the Mills Park lot, but they are also leaving them there until the next day, which RAM apparently doesn’t like.

Hence the towing.

Signs have been posted in the parking lot stating that it is for Mills Park-use only. A security company will report you to a local towing company if they see you park on the premises and then leave. If you’re parking to patron a Mills Park business, be sure to park near the business itself before walking over. Other than that, we wish you luck.

Orlando towing laws operate under the laws put forth by Orange County. If your car has been towed from private property, that’s called a “trespass tow” and you can click HERE for a step-by-step “How To” guide of how to get it back. That includes walking over to the sign warning of possible towing, which will list the company’s contact information.

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  1. There is actually a Mills Park Association who are the ones behind the towing. They are upset about an article written in this magazine about the lift station being broke after the hurricane and then being called out by the apartment complex. It would appear maybe they are trying to make up the lost money due to all the fines they received from the city??

    There are legit tow signs at all of the entrances that say “unauthorized vehicles” will be towed 24/7. There are also two very small red and white signs in the very first parking row closest to the Gallery at Mills Park that say no resident parking (go figure).

    I have witnessed security guards from my balcony following patrons and calling it in to the tow company shortly after they walk away! I would advise parking in the dirt lot near brass tap if you were going anywhere other than fresh market or the businesses close to fresh market to include firebirds! They apparently tow them too!

  2. Yeah, there’s signage. However, it’s supper small and you will likely not see it. I parked there to walk down the street to Santiago’s. I looked and looked for a sign. There was plenty of parking. So, I parked. I was towed… It’s basically a revenue generating machine, otherwise lots would be clearly marked as private/towing zone. However, the sign is JUST large enough to satisfy a judge. They don’t care to make more space, they just want the cash.

  3. People have been towed who were in one of the businesses and who weren’t parking overnight. People have been towed who went to an opening at the Mills Park apartments gallery. That should qualify as a Mills Park business. What the management company intends is often subverted by the towing company they hire, which starts towing indiscriminately to make more money. This issue begs for more investigation.