Incumbents win election, voter turnout dismal


All seating incumbent commissioners that were up for re-election have managed to retain their jobs for another four years.

Jim Gray won 53 percent of District 1’s 2,794 votes, Robert Stuart won 51 percent of District 3’s 6,241 votes (by a margin of 122 votes), and Regina Hill won 50 percent of District 5’s 2,281 votes.

Regina Hill avoided the possibility of a run-off election by 0.24 percent.

At the time of this post, the unofficial numbers pointed to a 13.32 percent voter turnout with roughly 11,641 people having voted. 87,289 registered voters could have participated in this election.



  1. Elections just need to be taken more serious in general, but the best way to do this is for elections to not be held on a Tuesday, when most of the population is working. I’d be very interested to see the voter demographic and see how individuals have complimentary work/life schedules that allow them to participate easily. This isn’t just a local issue, this is a national concern. We need better organized elections, we need to teach more Civics classes in school, and in order to do this we have to go out and vote for representatives that will help push such progress, but only on a Tuesday, of course.

  2. It’s refreshing that you don’t normally cover politics. But it’s pathetic that people think voting for POTUS
    is soooo much more important than city commissioners ’cause the city folks have their hand in your wallet!!

  3. Very disappointing to see the incumbents win. The city commission needed to be held accountable for things like the 18% property tax increase, the reduction in trash collection, hostility to Uber and other ride sharing services, the proposal to make energy usage public by commercial buildings, and the nightmare that is planning/zoning/code enforcement.

  4. Perhaps if some local blogs (hint hint) posted voter guides/editorial opinions readers would be informed and encouraged/confident enough to turn out? Instead of just complaining post election I mean…

    • haha we hear you Bob, but we don’t post opinions and generally don’t cover politics. That being said, it’s something we’ll consider for the next round. Thanks for reading!

  5. Exactly how many people would you expect to participate in an off year election which wasn’t even citywide? This goes back to pushing the election into an off year so Buddy didn’t have to fear the GOP presidential primary in 2016 (it was assumed Hillary was a shoo-in on the Dem side but then there was Bernie). Want people to vote? Don’t play politics with the election.

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