“Trailer Park Boys” filmed two Netflix episodes in Orlando


Canadian superstars the Trailer Park Boys filmed the first two episodes of their new Netflix series in Orlando – more specifically on International Drive and Cape Canaveral.

Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park continues in the style of the mockumentary television series, based on a group of friends from a trailer park in Nova Scotia, but extends beyond the confines of Dartmouth and into the USA. The new eight-part series sees Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles trying to conquer a series of challenges set forth by an internet streaming network called Swearnet in order to win prize money along the way.

The Orlando-area stops were the first and second challenges for the threesome and included an astronaut training camp, the Hummer Off-Road Experience, “ali-ga-tor” wrestling, and a visit to an unnamed Irish pub (which looked suspiciously like it was on International Drive).

The episodes are available only on Netflix.


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