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Truck Stop Pop-up Kitchen now open in Thornton Park


Truck Stop Restaurant (FacebookWebsite) opens this weekend in the former location of the Thornton Park Graffiti Junktion.

The permanent pop-up kitchen will feature a rotating selection of featured chefs an food truck owners once they get rolling. The bar will remain the same throughout and be operated by the Truck Stop crew.

Scroll own to see the men for this weekend. Truck Stop will be open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday an Sunday and is located at 900 E. Washington Street [GMap].


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  1. Not extraordinarily shocked that Graffiti Junction is now Tango Uniform. It was almost empty most of the time. Whoever did away with Wildside there was like breaking a surgical stainless steel anvil with a rubber hammer in the middle of a freshly plowed field.

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