Photo via City of Winter Park

The City of Winter Park has purchased their new Christmas Tree, to be installed in Central Park this Friday, January 19 at 11 a.m.

The original tree was deemed unfit for the holidays last year after sustaining heavy damage during Hurricane Irma. A temporary fix was found in a digital “tree” installation that included over 5,000 lights, to mixed reviews from local residents.

A new 20-foot red cedar will be delivered to the City of Winter Park’s nursery this week and then planted on Friday morning.


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  1. People really hated the digital tree. Really old grumpy people that “knew the real meaning of Christmas.” So angry over something new and different… I mean really what’s the “right” kind of tree? The kind that didn’t grow anywhere near where Jesus was born? The kind of trees the peagans celebreted with? Change is good. All y’all Winter Park grumps need to get the tinsel outta trousers and see the big picture.