Ask Bungalower: What is this behind King Bao?


“I went to the parking lot behind King Bao yesterday and saw this. Do y’all know what it could be?” – @dorsadorsa via Instagram

First of all, “@dorsadorsa” is a totally bangarang Instagram name. Secondly, this question gave us a chance to get out of our office and into the streets, and for that we are thankful! So kudos to you @dorsadorsa.

This crazily treated backdoor is the rear entryway to the soon-to-open, much-anticipated, Vivi Bubble Tea (Facebook Website). This is the first Orlando location of the expanding Taiwanese bubble tea chain known for it’s wild and wacky made-to-order mixed drinks, some have cotton candy toppers on them too. Click HERE to see some of the photos we snatched from their Instagram account when we first wrote about them last October.

Vivi is expected to open in the next few weeks. They’re located at 1111 E. Colonial Drive, just south of Chuan Lu Garden [GMap], if you want to watch their progress with us. Just don’t slobber on the window.

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