The City of Orlando will apply a Safe Street initiative to Curry Ford’s streetscape this week stretching between South Bumby Avenue to South Crystal Lake Drive, making it a temporary biking and pedestrian-friendly oasis.

Contractors are already onsite installing temporary traffic delineators to create dedicated and protected bike lanes on both sides of the roadway and reduce travel lanes from four to two lanes.  

Crews will also install a new mid-block pedestrian crossing between El Paso Avenue and Morristown Avenue that will feature a temporary island refuge in the median and artistic design to further increase visibility. 

This demonstration project will be in place for four weeks.

There will be a Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Fair held at the Curry Ford Family Dollar Shopping Center at 2850 Curry Ford Road [GMap] on Saturday, April 14 from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

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  1. I am a cyclist AND a driver. As a cyclist I LOVE this, people in this area drive too aggressively and this adds a safe buffer for cyclist. As a driver, at first I did not know how to maneuver the area but affer a couple of days I actually like it because it forces cars to SLOW down and drive a safe speed. It does slow down your driving commute though. GREAT for cyclist…..not so great for cars.

  2. Wish the would extend it all the way up to Curry Ford as I don’t like playing human frogger crossing the street for some hipster pizza. One of the better things to happen on our side of town imo. Hope it stays in place. Now we just need a few more restaurants and local shops to fill in the area.

  3. Dumbest thing ever, create traffic for thousands of cars to make a bike lane no one uses, whoever approved this needs to be fired!

  4. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on this busy road. It impeds vision when trying to pull out of the business’s along the path. In addition today people where driving on the bike bath and created a near accident when someone was Turing into the WAWA . The crosswalk is dangerous and the whole idea is just stupid for that busy of a road. Please take it away as soon as possible.

  5. Who is this troll, Jaggerh, responding to all of the comments with ad hominem attacks and poor spelling/grammar. Must be a shill for the destroy our city, er, I mean Safe Street Initiative.

  6. This is not using City funds, it is a Federal program. Three cities were selected to participate, Orlando being one. It is a temporary measure, at this point.

    1. Finally, someone who is informed chiming in with correct data points. Thank you and now they know the sky is not falling like in Chicken Little!

  7. I’m interested in seeing how traffic shakes out after a week or two. This makes my bike commute a ton easier and is likely necessary if that part of town wants to play at being a main street. The people I asked about it along the route seemed to like it. But, yeah, the online reaction has been universally against it.

    1. Mostly by small minded people that cannptcsee progess anywhere unless it only benefits them. This is what all of Orlando needs to be like and changed to for progress plus more Sunrail stops….

  8. At least one established business may go broke even with the 1 month of chaos . This is no way to do urban planning .

    1. Name one lady….i drive this everyday on my bike or car and I cannot imagine that and in fact it may help people see the businesses that they normally drive by. Change is good and necessary as this is not po-dunk Orlander anymore….

      1. Hey . . . Just a little update. Peppino’s the start up Italian Restaurant on Curry Ford right in the middle of this misguided project closed. The stress of opening with this happening was more than they could bare. Nice.

  9. This is a terrible idea! Turning onto Curry Ford from Bumby at night I have to swerve to miss the poles they have up for the bike lane. Please do not make this permanent. Curry Ford is a busy road the school traffic is a nightmare!

    1. Learn to pay attention. We are growing into a big city and this is what we must do to change. I realize your time texting and taking incessantly will be compromised. Get a life

  10. Last Thursday at 4:45pm, it took me 25 minuets for a left turn from Bumby and Curryford to Primerose and Curryford. My only conclusion for this road project is a cozy deal for the contractor and someone on the planing board. Clearly road studies are clear this area is congested during morning and evening rush hours

    1. Miss, this was a day they were working on this project and it was not completed. The timeline you spoke about is actually fairly timely compared to other areas of Orlando. Get a clue about progress please and be open minded and know the difference between road work and a completed project that is working.

  11. Dumb idea. Not many bikers in this area and now the traffic on Curry Ford sucks even more. UGH. Thanks a lot, city planners!

    1. Your a joke ….what do you think the first week of any change would be especially for people who don’t pay attention. As someone who bikes this is great since drivers pay no attention whatsoever and are only concerned about themselves. You should leave early every trip you take and be aware of new traffic patterns and changes or take Sunrail.

  12. This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. What is the city thinking people are going to ride the bike up and down Curry Ford from Bunny Avenue to Semoran what a waste of city funds they’s hopefully will put it back to traffic lane soonThis clearly shows that our city planners have no idea

    1. Let me guess? You are a person totally absorbed with your phone and living your life through Facebook and not exercising in the great outdoors. I ride my bike daily and am on great shape and think this is what we all must do to overcome stress, obesity, environmental concerns, and overall laziness. Please experience changes before you state your obviously idiotic diatribes….do you know what that means?

    1. Can you provide a list of accidents please? Heresay, should not be allowed and facts are facts so until then keep quiet and experience something positive in our town that benefits more than lazy drivers.

      1. You seriously think you are more important than the thousand of people stuck in traffic on their way to work and back, you can go ride your bike in the park, not on a major road like Curry Ford

        1. This is not what curryford needs. Wrong place to test. What next. Extend it all the way to 436. Hey let’s put a bike lane down 436. Stupid idea. And jaggerh. Sun rail in no where close to this area. And at 6:15 Wednesday only seen one bike riding new bike lane must have been you and one bike on side walk, smart man. No other pedestrians but a hell of a lot of cars sitting in traffic. Would not let my kids ride next to that crazy road. Let’s add to the road rage. Hope our politicians did not help bring this project to this area. Would not doubt it.

  13. What in the world were the people responsible for planning this experiment thinking ???? With all the traffic flowing North to the 408 in the morning and then South from the 408 in the evening…really ??? Congratulations…you now have drivers using our quite neighborhood streets as cut throughs in an attempt to avoid the chaos you have created on Curry Ford !!!!!

    1. First of all please review and spell correctly if you want people to take you seriously. Second, for a growing city like ours this is a reality and maybe you can fathom others using your silly quiet street.

  14. Hope the City of Orlando changes this back ASAP. Traffic was terrible there yesterday due to reduced lanes.