Our friends at Sensarie (Website) have launched a new service that matches people with the Orlando neighborhoods that are best for them.

We’ve written about the Orlando-based mapmakers before; whether it was to share their Florida Shark Attack Map, their map of Orlando singles and restaurants, or a handy map of restaurants participating in Magical Dining Month.

Their new neighborhood match-making service is easy to use. Participants simply answer a set of questions about renting vs. owning, what they look for in an ideal neighborhood in regards to access to restaurants, bars, and cultural opportunities, and they’re served up a list of the best neighborhoods for them, ranked according to their unique score.

Sensarie has even begun partnering with local realty companies to refer test-takers to homes that are available in the neighborhoods they’ve been matched with.

Try it for yourself by clicking HERE.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. They only include certain neighborhoods, giving stacked results. I put in my zip code and everything in my neighborhood but it wasn’t on the list of 10 other places. If it were honest and gave every neighborhood a fair shake then this would be a good tool for people.