Update: According to Orlando Weekly HEREthe OHA will be hosting a public meeting at 2 p.m. June 28 to share updates on this issue. Click for more details. 

As first reported on News 6 on clickorlando.com, the Orlando Housing Authority has announced plans to demolish the Griffin Park public housing development.

The 300-resident project is almost completely encircled by I-4 and SR 408 in Parramore. Savvy readers may recall that Griffin Park was currently profiled by The Huffington Post in an article called “Even Breathing Is A Risk In One Of Orlando’s Poorest Neighborhoods” on January 23. We wrote about HERE with quotes and context from the City of Orlando.

As you can see in the Huffington Post piece, this overlooked neighborhood has an inordinate amount of residents with serious respiratory problems, that most attribute to the proximity of the major highways that surround the homes here.

According to the report by Erik Sandoval, which you can read HERE, Griffin Park residents were informed that they would be relocated in order to demolish the 70-year-old property in order to build new public housing on the same site.

This is a developing story and a timeline for the demolition and relocation of the residents has not been released at this time. We have yet to hear back from the Orlando Housing Authority regarding their official plans.

Brendan O'Connor

Editor in Chief of Bungalower.com

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  1. Orlando housing sucks. They always changing staff. And are quick to want to evict you. They stick together. Maintenance employees do personal things for residents for alcohol and god knows what else. They are not compassionate about the disabled they make us more depressed. Ive never hated living anywhere in my life but housing is the worse. Mold, lead paint, ignore your work orders at times.

  2. What happened to Fairchild Chapel? I walked down Ivanhoe this past weekend and the place is gone with the lot cleaned up. I have been out of town for a while. Thought the sign was going to be preserved but everything is gone.

    1. The sign turned out to be LED instead of neon so it didn’t go to the Morse Museum. We’re still trying to find out where it went but we do know that it was removed prior to the demolition.

  3. I don’t understand. The Huffington Post article is all about traffic pollution. Erik Sandoval’s report is about mold/mildew/rats. I agree that the latter needs to be remediated, but how is building new housing on the same site going to address the pollution from traffic that surrounds Griffin Park? Traffic issues will be worse, if anything. Does OHA reject the premise of traffic pollution and think that, in new buildings, residents will not have the same respiratory problems? I’d love to know what the HP writer thinks of this solution!

  4. Totally agree with odojoe. Typical government thinking. Just stupid to think the next residents of the new place will be able to breathe better. Idiotic.