The Florida Department of Transportation District Five is currently in the third phase of the SunRail extension to the Orlando International Airport.

The study is meant to measure the validity of a transit connection between the SunRail system and the new Intermodal Terminal Facility at the airport. The extension would run approximately five-and-a-half miles of track on an existing rail spur owned by the City of Orlando, FDOT, and the GOAA.

Read the report below.



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  1. 2,500 rides daily is such a low bar. Orlando and Orange County Leaders really need to look into connecting I/Drive & Universal to the airport once and for all. That alone would certainly generate thousands of rides more daily.

    A simple way of doing this is having a spur that connects to the sand lake station which in turn would be the interchange between a brightline connection to Tampa/Orlando and a sun rail connection to Orlando/Kissimmee.

    At the very least, local and state leaders should be strongly advocating for brightline to pass by the convention center on its way to Tampa. Who cares if Disney objects. Even if they don’t market it I guarantee if tourists have a choice between a crowded bus or sleek modern train that would dump them right on Disney’s doorstep theyd elect to take the train. And I also guarantee Disney wouldn’t just leave those guest now at their doorstep all alone in figuring out the last mile to their hotels.

    I love Disney very much, but the desires of one business should not dictate the needs of the greater community and economy. So don’t let them kill this awesome opportunity. Brightline is amazing and what they did in downtown Miami shows they are willing and wanting to work with the community to ensure maximum benefit for all stakeholders.