Findings from the Orlando Main Streets Bicycle and Pedestrian Study


Last week the City of Orlando held a public workshop to share proposed improvements for the Orlando Main Streets Bicycle and Pedestrian Study in the Milk and Mills 50 districts. We first wrote about the study HERE this past December.

The study area ran from Mills Avenue between Lake Formosa to East Concord Street and along Colonial Drive between Summerlin and Fern Creek. It also included from Rosedale Road to East South Street and the area between Bumby and Crystal Lake Drive.

The next phase of this study will be to package up the recommendations into easy pitches for the City to apply for third-party funding with. The thought behind compartmentalizing the project into lower-hanging fruit, according to City representatives at the workshop, is to move the improvements forward in a more timely manner than if they were all done at the same time with a larger price tag.

Here is a copy of the material shared at that meeting.



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