The Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Council (Website) is not just a long name, but also a board that oversees the potential uses of the designated Tourist Development Tax revenues. They assist the Board of County Commissioners in allocating their dollars for arts and cultural affairs and prioritize projects that the Council is determined to fund.

Orange County’s MMRB board is expecting some openings by the end of the year as we install a new Mayor and gaggle of commissioners. Board members are expected to attend six council meetings a year and one review panel process for Cultural Tourism applications. They also have the option of participating in other committees, including Arts Advocacy, Blockbuster, Funding and Standards, Public Art Review Board, and the Cultural Facilities review panel.

Click HERE to apply.

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  1. This is a fun board. BUT I must say there is no guarantee of being selected once you apply. It is one of the most requested citizen advisory boards at the county. But you won’t ever be selected if you don’t submit an application. Applicants must be registered to vote in Orange County.