UPDATE: David Loisel has informed Bungalower that the GoFundMe was meant as a hoax/reveal for his Halloween costume and not as an actual fundraiser for Parliament House. Loisel has stated that any donations made to his page will be donated to the LBGT+ Center in the name of Parliament House.

“I didn’t realize, what I thought what was an obvious and satirical page hinting towards my costume this year for the Halloween costume has been shared over 600 times. It really seems to have caught people’s attention.” – David Loisel


A fundraising campaign has been launched to purchase new air conditioning units for Parliament House, the infamous LGBT+ venue on Orange Blossom Trail.

David Loisel, the concerned patron, launched a GoFundMe page with a goal of $50,000, stating,”The World Famous Parliament House has been a community staple for over four dripping decades.  This holy haven has brought light, laughter, and love to LGBTQ people from around the world and its time to give back!  For the past two years, P-House hasn’t had functioning AC units for both their patrons and employees alike.  You can only imagine what havoc this tragedy has created.  Between melting drag queens, fainting fairies, and the constant scent of swampy Spanx, it is time to take a stand and MAKE P-HOUSE COLD AGAIN!  Join with us!  Together we can make a difference and make Parliament House a colder place for everyone!”

At the time of this post the campaign had been shared over 540 times on Facebook alone but had only raised $5. Click HERE to visit the campaign page.

According to a P-House spokesperson, the fundraising campaign is being done without their consent and they are trying to have it taken down.

When asked about the state of the air conditioning unit, the spokesperson said, “It’s more than just the AC. It’s the roof that the AC sits on as well. So we are working to get all of that taken care of. In the meantime, we added AC about a month ago. A temporary 12-ton unit is sitting outside on the patio, piping ice cold air into the club. This was installed Sept 20.”

Photo via Parliament House Resort


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  1. Joke? How is this humorous? PH should have done this during the summer ! That place is always a mess!