Giving Tuesday: Billy the Swan needs your help

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Billy the Swan is arguably one of the worst creatures to call Orlando home, ever.

He came to Orlando in 1910 as one of the first swans to grace the public parks in The City Beautiful but he quickly made a name for himself as being a real bastard. He drowned his mate when she took too long to get back to the nest one day, he used to chase cars, beat up dogs, and steal babies (not really the last one but he would have), and everyone called him “Billy Bluebeard” because he was a sith lord pirate marauder held together by dark magic and willpower. Read more about Billy HERE.

After he died; which we assume was the result of being shot and pushed into a frozen lake like Rasputin, his body was preserved by the Historical Society of Central Florida and he has spent the last 73 years in a glass box of despair, slowly falling apart from within.

The Orange County Regional History Center has taken it upon themselves to restore him to his former, wrathful glory, but they need to bring in someone who specializes in historical taxidermy to do it right.

To preserve Billy, the Society has set a goal of $5,000 this Giving Tuesday, which falls on November 27 to cover the expenses.

Click HERE to donate and to help #bringbackbilly.

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